Hawi Medecins is the leading organizer of Healthcare internship, Medical Missions and volunteer placements in Africa. No one comes close to the quality and responsiveness of our programs; we organize end-to-end placements and mean every word that we say. Our experience in organizing pre-medical hospital exposure, medical, nursing, & dental electives means that we can provide you with the experience of a lifetime! You will be hosted by native experts who are in contact with you from the pre-departure process through airport drop-off when you bid us goodbye!

To innovate solutions that transform medical students access to tropical experience in the developing world as well as making the experience exciting.

Health with Humanity

We started as a team of God fearing Doctors, offering medical mission and free surgeries a village Hospital in Western Kenya.Over the last 5 years our operations have evolved and we are now a leading organizer of Medical and Surgical Camps,volunteer, medical placements, Medical Mission and gap and expedition trips abroad.

“We attribute our achievements to our ability to develop core doctrines over this period of operations, which has been derived from our hands-on experience in the medical practice both locally and internationally.”

By running various elective placement programs such as medical, outreach, work experience, sports and eco-tourism, Hawi Medecins has been able to cater to the various clients’ requests from medical students and professionals while simultaneously meeting the medical needs of disadvantaged communities around the world.

We work with a number of universities in USA and Europe in areas of Electives,placements,research and Global Health.All profits made are directed towards our medical and surgical camps to the poor.

We work with communities and institutions at our program destinations to provide our clients with a unique opportunity to participate in various projects and trips so that they receive a rewarding hands-on experience and have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of people living in local communities.

Electives/Internships /International Health Placements

At Hawi Medecins, we realize that the term “elective” program has different inference depending on which part of the globe you are coming from. In some countries this period of on the job training is referred to as “pre-clinical placement,” “internship,” “international placement,” or “medical elective.”

The duration of internship for each healthcare training program may differ from between 2 to 6 weeks.  However, we are able to make arrangements to suit your course requirement