Hawi Foundation-Volunteer

Hawi Foundation is inviting medical and non medical volunteers to support her diverse programs in the areas of medical and surgical camps,Electives,Health System Strengthening and Mentorship.

Allow us make your Volunteer and Corporate Social Responsibility the most enjoyable and rewarding you have ever had.

We seek to work with you;

  1. Medical Professionals e.g Physicians,Surgeons,Radiographers,Oncologists,Nurses,Clinicians,Public Health etc.
  2. Pharmaceutical Companies
  3. Medical and Bio medical equipment companies
  4. Other non Medical professionals
  5. Religious organizations planning for missions to East Africa
  6. Corporate Organizations
  7. Not for profits Organizations

Each Volunteer/Mission Program is handled on a case by case basis to meet the gaps,responsiveness and the mission of the program

Medical Students:

Medical Students are encouraged to apply for our Volunteer programs in groups or as individuals.They will shadow qualified professionals within their fields of study,who will give them a hands on experience and mentorship

The program provides facilities for persons living with disability.

Hawi Foundation

Health with Humanity


Program Schedule

The International Volunteer programs is scheduled in July and December every year.However Hawi Foundation conducts her scheduled medical Camps every month and Volunteers are incorporated in such camps on a case by case basis.

Groups and institutions are able to request Hawi Foundation to schedule the medical camps or any program they intend to participate in ,at a particular date of their convenience.Such request will be handled on a case by case approach.