Getting admissions into a good medical school has been a challenge to many as the focus is not only on good grades but also the ability to holistically fit into the healthcare community. That is why Hawi Medecins prides itself of the best premed program in Africa, one which is built by experience- rich Healthcare practitioners and focused on inoculcating an early service spirit to aspiring medical students even as they get exposed to various cases which they otherwise wouldn’t interact with in their own countries. The fundamental requirement is a demonstrated interest in the medical profession and focus in joining medical school. We take into account the diverse set-up from every part of the world and by extension, the academic requirements for admission into this program will be dependent on which country you are coming from. With a bit of theoretical exposure, the Hawi Medecins program is designed to give you a real life exposure, which remains a critical component of your requirement as an aspiring medical professional.

With a majority of our past participants joining medical school, we have witnessed a number of them coming back to do their medical electives with our program. It is therefore a clear statement that whoever is keen about being part of the medical profession; whether a pre-medical student or a non-traditional applicant, our program will greatly improve your medical school application and indeed inculcate a clear understanding of your future career. Medical schools are keen at applicants who have a rational view and exposure of what medicine entails. The Hawi Medecins Premed program is designed to enhance this exposure. The acute shortage of healthcare personnel in the sub-Saharan region, coupled with inadequate resources then leads to a greater appreciation of the premeds as they then complement the overstretched personnel in these hospitals. Contrary to the systems in the developed countries and healthcare systems where the premeds are limited to manual and non-clinical tasks; our program is designed to give you more than just wheeling patients around the hospital.

Regardless of whether you are looking at joining Medical college in Canada,Ireland, Australia, Norway, UK, USA, or any other country, our program will be a great asset towards your preparation and will indeed add much value in the personal statement section of your American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) or Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application, or whichever application process in your respective country.

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) stipulates that for admission to US medical schools, “applicants should consider volunteering at a local hospital or clinic to gain practical experience in the health professions” this stipulation cuts across medical institutions world over and so is our program designed with its provision.


The following are the objectives of participating in the midwifery elective program:

  • The program seeks to complement the student’s theoretical knowledge with a hands-on learning experience that the students wouldn’t get in the developed world. This is evidenced from our past participants who have gained much experience than they would in their various home countries
  • Opportunity to meet elective clinical requirements under the supervision of an experienced and qualified clinician. The clinician evaluates participants to this placement during and at the end of program.
  • Satisfy the internship/ independent study abroad for credit.
  • Compare and analyze healthcare access and delivery in a different part of the world.
  • Demonstrate and satisfy global intellectual curiosity
  • Give the participant an opportunity to improve on essential midwifery skills that are critical in the Family care
  • This program also gives a participant a chance to practice General medicine and Midwifery in particular in a developing country.
  • The program design and systems are geared towards ensuring a safe and secure experience while in Africa
  • Participants are given an opportunity to meet people and communities in their day-to-day experiences, thus fostering cultural exchange and exposure in host countries.
  • The program satisfies the innate human need for environment exchange thus fostering travel.

What’s Included

We take care of all the aspects of your placement process to ensure you have a great experience, these include: –

  • Flexible travel dates (arrival and departure)
  • Program specialty details
  • Choice of placement location
  • Identifying a suitable placement supervisor
  • Accommodation at our very own resident
  • Your daily upkeep requirements
  • Local transport arrangements
  • Health insurance


The core of the project is the immense Hands-on clinical experience that gives medical students and volunteers a rare opportunity to practice their various skills. The program can either be rural or urban based depending on your preference

Hawi Medecins is a consortium of doctors and health workers; we are the leading organizer of medical Mission and free medical and surgical camps in East Africa. You will actually have time to participate in such camps that we organize at our cost, in honor of every elective group.In addition to the core teaching and  outreach  project / component, all our programs have a volunteering component as a way to give back to the communities we work in; depending on the location / camp where your program is located, participants get involved in a wide range of volunteer projects, depending on their interests such as:

  • Free medical camps
  • Free surgical camps
  • Community development, especially on healthcare and educational issues
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Environmental conservation
  • Marine conservation
  • Sports development
  • Some past volunteer projects have included orphanage visits, teaching kids how to swim, visiting elementary schools and making essential donations such as books and pencils. See gallery

In as much as our program is designed with students at the end of their midwifery study in mind; those who seek to complement their theoretical knowledge with hands-on exposure; we go the extra mile to customize the program to accommodate needs of various students. The Hawi Medecins Midwifery program runs from 2 to 6 weeks, but can be extended depending on one’s preference. Students work closely with, and under supervision of qualified midwives who then evaluate them at mid and end of their programs. There is an elective book where you will numerate the procedures done, supervisor, your supervisors comment and sign. The sessions are designed and structured to be offered in Government community health facilities. From past experiences, students who remain assertive give their extra-time to work with their mentors such as night-shifts, weekends and holidays gain much more experience.”


Depending on location, participants have the option to get involved in a wide variety of adventures, over and above the clinical and volunteering components. There are separate and optional activities that will need to be reserved separately:

  • Mountain trekking at Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya and Mt. Meru,Mt Elgon
  • Africa safari
  • Gorilla tracking
  • Beach time
  • Biking
  • Scuba diving, white water rafting, and various other marine sports
  • A walking tour of Nairobi, Arusha or Mombasa and other cities
  • A walking tour of Kibera Slums